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Board of Sunshine Hospice Ltd confirmed in office by an overwhelming majority

Board of Sunshine Hospice Ltd confirmed in office by an overwhelming majority

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On Saturday there was a rowdy General Meeting of the Sunshine Hospice Ltd at Nambour.  I would like to put on the record what came out of the meeting:

1.    The Board conducted the meeting in accord with the Sunshine Hospice Ltd Constitution and Corporations Law. One scrutineer disputed the process and the Board of Directors deliberated on this objection and instructed the Company’s Independent Auditor who was managing the ballot to continue the count and provide a result.  

2.    Prior to the ballot count a number of financial members walked out of the meeting, along with a one of the scrutineers. As the members were leaving the Chairman and a number of Directors exhorted these members to remain and allow discussion to proceed, but they refused to stay and did not return to the meeting.
3.    The Company’s Independent Auditor and the remaining scrutineer and another financial member, appointed from those remaining members, was appointed as a scrutineer by the Board and the ballot count finalised.

4.    The returning officer (the Company’s Independent Auditor) announced the result. All resolutions were defeated, to use his words, by a ‘clear majority’. This meant that the current Board were confirmed by a clear majority and the motions to replace the current directors defeated.

5.    The item to discuss the future of the hospice was removed from the agenda by resolution of the meeting even though this item had been requested by the members who wanted the meeting held.

6.    The board accepted new memberships and renewals in the lead up to the General Meeting within the timelines specified by the Corporation Law and the Company’s Constitution.

7.    On at least two occasions over the last three months a small group of the Company’s financial membership (who are part of the Katie Rose Cottage Committee) have requested a meeting with the Board to discuss matters. On at least two occasions the Board has accepted their offer and organised to meet with these members.  On both occasions the meeting was cancelled by the members who requested the meeting.  It is unclear to the Board as whether the group of members who cancelled these proposed meetings have informed other members of the Katie Rose Cottage Committee.

8.    It is the Board’s intention to reopen a purpose built Hospice that is loving and caring and provides our guests with a serene and peaceful place for them to spend their last days. A reopened Hospice will support the whole of the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland community as it has done for the last four years. Such a Hospice will attract Government, Veteran Affairs and Private Health Insurance funding which will ensure its existence into the foreseeable future.

Frank Lewins


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