Our Enabling Strategies


Contemporary Governance - Contemporary Leadership.

The Directors of Sunshine Hospice will govern the organisation, while the Managing Director will manage the organisation, a partnership in the future governance and leadership of Sunshine Hospice, therein the planning, development and growth of a hospice and its associated services, along with the continued expansion and growth of the opportunity shops.


Sunshine Hospice: A Unique and Distinctive Facility - Op Shops Fit for Purpose.

Sunshine Hospice patients will have access to a unique and distinctively designed hospice and landscaped environment.

This will provide access to a facility that is more than just ‘fit for purpose’, it is a multi-functional facility that is built in line with the emerging and future business model and has the ability to be part of the wider aged care, health care and medical services network of the Sunshine Coast.

Customers, staff and volunteers will also have access to opportunity shops that are ‘fit for purpose’, meet or exceed work, health and safety standards and are appropriately located in or near high volume customer precincts that are appropriate for customers who purchase from these shops.


Sunshine Coast Palliative Care Service - A Unique Business Model - A Robust Financial Model.

Thinking beyond our existing customers and hospice services, co-design and develop an innovative new business model for Sunshine Coast Palliative Care Services, not just Sunshine Hospice; therein accounting for both existing and future customer, service, market, market channel and revenue categories, all of which will be validated and supported by a robust financial model.


Beyond Compliance - The Quality Journey to Service Excellence.

Sunshine Hospice management, staff and volunteers will have access to contemporary organisational and operational policies, procedures, documents, manuals and tools that will be housed in a contemporary quality management system with the aim of guiding them in their work and meeting or exceeding relevant Commonwealth and/or State government legislation, regulation and accreditations.


Integrated Organisational Systems - Digital Solutions and Technologies.

Integrated organisational systems and technologies will enable Sunshine Hospice Directors, Managing Director, staff and volunteers to easily access and use data and information to make timely, relevant and informed decisions that support their respective governance, organisational or operational work, strategies or projects.


Organisation - Wide Accountability and Performance.

Ensure the Sunshine Hospice Board, Managing Director, staff and volunteers of both the hospice and the opportunity shops are engaged in a process of accountability and performance management that is based on the use of an organisation-wide performance management system against agreed categories of measurement and measures of success, ratios or targets


Sunshine Hospice - A Defining Culture - A Professional Organisation.

Sunshine Hospice will be widely acknowledged and recognised by patients, customers and the community of the Sunshine Coast for its exemplary customer service and their professionalism, be it within the hospice or the opportunity shops; both of which will be supported by appropriately experienced and qualified staff who display through their work with customers and the community their embodiment of the organisation’s vision, mission and values.


Business Development - Tenders and Partnerships.

The palliative care services of our hospice and supporting opportunity shops will have sequentially developed and grown over time through four specific growth and development strategies:

1: Researching, developing and delivering on a range of creative business development strategies. 2: Researching and applying for a wide range of appropriate tenders, grants, submissions and philanthropic applications. 3: Identifying and securing targeted partnerships that add mutual and measurable value and benefit to both parties. 4: Maximising the value and benefit of our NFP, PBI and DGR tax status via donations, sponsorships, bequests and fundraising.